Vidorreta's espadrilles also for man

Vidorreta's espadrilles also for manThe traditional espadrilles were worn by all kinds of men for years, from farmers, sailors or soldiers, even priests and royalty. Nowadays, espadrilles succeed in male wardrobes because are stylish, timeless, comfortable and a way to break off with winter footwear. Espadrilles are a classic shoe that like all good things, comes back and reinvents itself. Take a beer, see a football match, take a walk along the beach or stay at a beach bar are the plans usually do in the summer ... So, nothing better to enjoy it with quality footwear, comfortable and breathable as Vidorreta. Espadrilles are a fashion revolution, both men and women, all over the world. In addition to more traditional models, we can find new versions of espadrilles, made ​​of different materials, fabrics and designs. The variety of Vidorreta espadrilles for men allow suitable it in casual occasions or formal occasions. The best way to combine Vidorreta espadrilles is with shorts, both color and stamped, or with trousers rolled up to show them, and always without socks. Espadrilles are associated with sailors, so Vidorreta lacing sandals are perfect for beach days. Moreover, leather models can get looks more formal and to go out at night. The comfort is the main factor by which the men wear espadrilles. In addition, its versatility to combine with a large number to get the best summer look.
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