Summer espadrilles outfits for pregnant

pregnant During pregnancy be comfortable and cool becomes very important, but that does not mean that we can not wear in a trendy way. Shorts, dresses, jeans... Summer brings some trends also apply to the future moms who can feel pretty and bring out their feminine side. A few years ago, the supply of maternity clothes was little. Now, there are many specialize brands or have a specific collection for moms. Summer espadrilles outfits for pregnant Feeling comfortable is not necessarily wear wide clothes. It is better to choose lycra clothes or elastic waist jeans or leggings. The empire waist blouses are also ideal for pregnant women. About colours, all the trends of spring and summer are perfectly, and about styles: boho chic looks, hippie-chic, urban sport and romantic are perfect because to the versatility and elasticity of its forms. Long dresses are very flattering and very comfortable while hide everything. Also, fall pants are so fashion in this season. For a party or wedding, there are many elegant options for pregnant women. A good idea to wear stylish is to choose chic accessories: necklaces and big earrings, a nice handbag or a hat or scarves. About footwear, there are many myths about pregnancy and its prohibitions to wear heels. It is not recommended to use a high heel because they can loose stability and fall. So, the best thing is wear Vidorreta espadrilles because are very comfortable and fashion. The important thing is to be comfortable and adapt to the different stages in those nine months, with the style of each one  and creating looks that keep our personality. Ethnic dress from ZaraVidorrera espadrilles with ethnic wedgeBag from StradivariusHat from On Top
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