Mother is just one and nobody dresses better than her

Who has not rummage on her mother's closet to borrow some clothes? And for sure, all of us have run down the corridor with one of her pairs of shoes... Mother is just one and dresses better than anybody. A mother is the only source of inspiration and admiration when one is a child, and to feel the experience of dressing identical with it is fun and flattering. For this reason, many boutiques and footwear and accessories brands make proposals of twin looks in different sizes. So it is increasingly common to see mothers and daughters sharing the same style or even wearing identical outfits. This trend was considered old-fashioned for some time, but now returns as something trendy. It is common to see some celebrities like Kate Moss, Alessandra Ambrosio, Katie Holmes or Natalia Vodianova wearing the same outfits that her daughters. There are some brands that have launched similar collections for mothers and daughters: Mango, Burberry, Nice Things, Pepe Jeans, Dolce & Gabbana and Vidorreta, among others. Fashion and style is a way to strengthen the bond between mother and daughter. Mother's Day is the best date to honor what our mothers have done for us. Give her a Vidorreta espadrilles identical to yours to enjoy a comfortable and stylish summer with a nice meaning.
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