Lovingly Handmade Espadrilles

Vidorreta's Handmade Espadrille Espadrilles are the shoe of the summer, we use them from spring until autumn. Why espadrilles are so comfortable? The reason of our comfort is jute. Jute is a type of thread used to make ropes because is a strong thread with excellent insulating properties. Moreover, jute is 100% natural and ecologic, allowing perspire the skin and being softer. Jute field These threads are woven by hand to produce the soles of esparto with different shapes and heights that are assembled to the rubber sole for the perfect fit and foot perspiration and antiskid without losing flexibility. Also, we add an innovated sock to provide more comfort to our feet. Lovingly handmade vidorreta espadrilles A handmade work and made with love for real experts in the creation, one by one, the best espadrilles. This traditional and quality process is combined each year with the different trends in designs and fabrics. The great design team of Vidorreta studies the trends of each season to create new collections to satisfy the different needs of today's woman. A perfect combination of tradition and innovation to obtain quality and avant-garde footwear.
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