Glitter Vidorreta Espadrilles

Glitter Espadrilles by Vidorreta The glitter shoes are fashionable, not only perfect for nights or important events,  also as working shoe or for a summer afternoon. A new surprising and striking trend to introduce into our daily looks. Vidorreta has included several models of espadrilles with glitter in their 2014 summer collection following the trends of the moment. The sandal glitter model is perfect for all kind of looks. The most basic way to combine it is with black and white tones because it reduces the brightness. Bridal Glitter Espadrilles by Vidorreta The glitter Vidorreta espadrille is a stylish and elegant model, perfect to wear it in evenings or special occasions. In fact, it is a usual bride  choosen shoe for the dancing time. Another perfect choice for this espadrille is to combine it with a Little Black Dress. Glitter Espadrilles by Vidorreta The glitter Vidorreta ballerina is as sophisticated as casual. A perfect look is to combine it with jeans or color pants. It is a soft and glamorous style. Glitter espadrilles are a very modern and striking kind of shoe, which are presented as a boom of this season. You can look them on the most special days or in routine days because they are very versatile for their colors, designs and heel height.
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