Espadrilles ride bicycles

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Bicycles have become the new fashion accessory of the moment. They are the most comfortable, healthy and sustainable option for going around the city, and at the same time a good way to do sport without spending a great physical effort or time. There are many options to choose a bicycle: recycled ones or to buy a new one, it is also very practical to use the rent a bike service offered en some cities... Models tailored to our needs: with very modern designs or with vintage or retro air. A lot of celebrities have already succumbed to fashion bicycles and street style photographers kill to get a picture of the famous people riding bikes. There are many successful looks for cycling. It is recommended to use light looks like sheer dresses and hats, or pants with a shirt and a fashionable sunglasses. There are several options to choose the proper bag: if the bike has basket we can choose any, and if it does not, the best option is a shoulder bag or a backpack, because it is comfortable and practical. Shoes are the most important accessory when we cycling. The best option are the espadrilles, because the jute wedge fits perfectly with the pedal and help us to prevent mishaps, and also are environmentally friendly, as this form of sustainable driving. Also, espadrilles allow us wear heels and riding a bike in the most fashionable and safe way.

Bikes are perfect to go shopping, go to work, to move during the weekend or to do sport. It seems that more and more people are changing cars and motorbikes to move in this way of transport more sustainable.

Espadrilles ride bicycles
Credits: bike from Bici Chic, dress and hat from Zara, Bima & Lola shoulder bag and Vidorreta espadrilles.
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