Espadrilles, allies of wedding guests

Bridesmaids in espadrille wedges

  [twocol_one]Bridesmaids in espadrille wedges[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]June is a weddings month. Days with good weather in which a lot of couples want to book a date in the calendar for their wedding. As we commented weeks ago, there are many brides who choose comfort in her day wearing espadrilles or as a second pair of shoes for dancing. But espadrilles are also a good option for the wedding guests. Some women choose espadrilles for pleasure, and other, for their comfort. Wedges are the best choice to be comfortable if you're going to be standing for a long time. Also, for weddings in the countryside or on the beach, espadrilles are the ideal shoe. [/twocol_one_last] Campaña D&G Bridesmaids in espadrille wedges When a bride and groom choose a wedding on the beach or on the field, is because they are looking for a natural event. So, on these occasions, nothing better than wearing sheer dresses, and forgeting shiny fabrics. D&G campaign two summers ago was very clear: flowers, long dresses and wedges for a country wedding. Beach weddings have the complication of sand. It is no time to heels, so better choose a pair of espadrilles and not giving up an inch more. Bridesmaids in espadrille wedges For morning weddings, we can choose between the more sophisticated models of Vidorreta espadrilles, with satin or some ornaments, to become the shoes in one of the key pieces of the look. For evening weddings, nothing better than strass espadrilles or ones that combine perfectly with a long dress. We all think too much about wedding dresses. We want to be perfect and have everything under control to look gorgeous and besides, if we can get comfortable with a Vidorreta espadrilles, much better.  
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