Brunch and drunch with Vidorreta espadrilles

Brunch with Vidorreta espadrilles The famous Sunday´s aperitif has been renamed by modern people as "brunch". In English, the name comes from breakfast + lunch. Although its true origin is in the late nineteenth century in New York, where it appeared as a remedy for the Sunday hangover. Another version says that it emerged in 1896 in the British upper class that Sundays gave the day off to their servants and they prepared a buffet. Brunch is a late breakfast where people eat a lot. The first thing to be clear about brunch is that the food comes with a cocktail (Bloody Mary is the most common) with carbohydrates like pastries, bread or potatoes. The star item is the egg, the eggs benedict, specifically. Moreover, brunch includes fruit for dessert and coffee, tea or juice Drunch with Vidorreta espadrilles After brunch´s boom has also begun to hear about the drunch (lunch + dinner). It celebrates between 18 and 21 hours, but the culinary content is virtually the same as the brunch. Coolest restaurants of all Spanish cities offer brunch and / or drunch, which more than a gastronomic event is a social event, a perfect excuse to meet friends, have new experiences and have fun.


Brunch and drunch looks with Vidorreta espadrilles

Brunch look with Vidorreta espadrilles For a brunch we propose a morning look: a lady dress, Vidorreta espadrilles with high wedge in soft colours, a maxi bag and a very feminine vintage glasses. Look: Vidorreta espadrillesDress from ZaraBag from Bimba y LolaVogue Eyewear sunnies. Drunch look with Vidorreta espadrilles For the drunch we propose a more modern look composed of a set of two ethnic pieces, shorts and crop top in black and white, orange Vidorreta espadrilles to add a splash of colour with ethnic sole, a shoulder bag to be comfortable and a chic turban. Look: Vidorreta espadrilles Misako bagCrop top and shorts from StradivariusTurban from Asos.
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