10 essential items to purchase in sales

We are in sales again and we can´t get crazy with the fantastic prices. Sales are the perfect time of the year to renew our wardrobe and a great time to buy timeless basic clothes like leather jackets, denims, long skirts,  white dresses and espadrilles, the shoe for summer, that never gets oldfashioned. There are different trends that are repeated every year, like the floral print or sailor style, and others that have been repeated in recent seasons as fluor colors or gold and silver accessories. If you want to buy good things in sales, first we have to think about our own goals and go out to hunt for the best price. We propose 10 items you can not ignore if you want a trendy wardrobe this summer: 10 essential items to purchase in sales Credits: Vidorreta espadrilles, Salsa jeans, long dress from Zara, white shirt from Massimo Dutti, Blanco bikini, Asos shirt, overall and blazer from Zara, bag and necklace from Bimba & Lola.
  1. A half-wedge Vidorreta espadrilles that you can wear every summer season with shorts, jeans, dresses or skirts.
  2. A long dress, perfect for any summer time. It´s a very versatile garment that can be worn both day or night.
  3. Sales are also the perfect time to renew your jeans wardrobe, and we allow choose jeans more expensive.
  4. A fluor and fringed bikini is a bassic this summer for holidays. Also a black bikini is a success because it will continue taking next year.
  5. Buying a white shirt is always a wise move, because it is a timeless basic that if you buy now you will use the rest of the year. In summer, it is perfect with a XXL skirt and espadrilles  for everyday looks.
  6. A few both plain and patterned shirts. You will use them both to go to the beach and with more elegant trousers for the evening, giving a more casual but very chic style to your image.
  7. One of the 'must' of this summer 2013 are overalls, with straps or strapless. Bet for one long trousers (better than most flattering short) and a colorful floral print. Combine it with espadrilles and get a perfect look.
  8. About jackets, you can not miss a blazer or a denim jacket. They match everything and are perfect for chilly nights.
  9. Discounts are also an opportunity to treat ourselves with a fur bag, leather or a jewel bag.
  10. Sales are also perfect to renew accessories like necklaces, rings, sunglasses or hair accessories.
Another idea for summer sales is to fill your shopping cart with special pieces that may help you attend various events such as weddings and special parties. A beautiful jeweled clutch, a more sophisticated headdress or hair ornament, a jewel or a high heel shoe to match your party dress .... In sales, it´s very easy to follow best trends of the moment and  cheaper than in the rest of the year.
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